* music *
dctanner is entrenched in the Blues, Rock, Fusion, and many other
styles. He grew up playing in bands, pit orchestras, symphonies,
jazz/rock ensembles, and has always enjoyed great music. He has
been singing lead and harmony since he was a small boy riding in the
family car, singing with his siblings.

Whether it is electric, acoustic, high-energy, or laid-back, you are sure
to enjoy the music of this outstanding musician!

dctanner is proud to announce his endorsement of and association
with Geezer Sound Company. Dave, at Geezer Sound, makes some of
the finest cabinets for sound reinforcement available today. Stop by his
web site today and check out what he can do for you. I have no doubt
you will soon be playing out of a Geezer cabinet, just like I do.

You can hear more music and see some videos at  
Here are samples of
the sound I get, playing
out of a Geezer Sound
Company 2x12 with
vintage Celestions
Taste of Iommi
Custom Geezer
Sound Co 2x12
Sunday Blues
Malcolm Todd Sloan--The Woodmen
Malcolm Todd Sloan